Gil is a seasoned veteran of organization design and development. He has spent the better part of the last thirty years helping executives and corporations make better decisions and move faster toward their goals. His ability to help maximize leadership potential, bring diverse teams together to plan and strategize around a business problem, and create targeted action plans has made him a highly valued consultant.

After spending thirteen years in sales and marketing, he was drawn to organizational development partly because he felt as if he "always had an instinct for it" and partly because he was genuinely excited about the educational component of it - which he still finds a very rewarding part of his work. And, it's this focus on empowerment - on partnership with the client - that enables Gil to achieve real individual and systemic change.

What motivates Gil most is being able to apply his vast skills and knowledge in different settings and really seeing the fruits of his labor - "Watching people achieve superior performance and results, and doing it in a way that leads to overall system success, that's what it's all about."

Prior to developing his own consulting practice, Gil started down the path of organization development for General Electric as a Programs Manager with the Aircraft Engines business group, where he helped implement the pioneering "Workout" process. His move to Digital Equipment Corporation further cemented his abilities, where he held several senior organization development management positions in corporate marketing and worldwide corporate engineering.

Gil has worked with IBM, General Electric, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Rockwell Automation, Duracell, Polaroid, and Residential Funding Corporation.

He received a degree in Sociology (summa cum laude) from the University of Hartford and has attended the Advanced Program in Organizational Development and Human Resources Management at Columbia University.