A Little About Us

People and organizations are capable of significant change, given the right tools, support and direction. Rheault-Williams has been committed to this idea for more than twenty-five years, making it the cornerstone of our professional philosophy.

We're seasoned and mature professionals with a broad, deep base of experience (both life and professional) that we bring to bear for our clients. We have seen both sides of the organization development fence, having worked as in-house managers and outside consultants in such areas as finance, healthcare, technology, retail, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, biotechnology, foundations, government agencies in the developing world, and various NGO’s.

We're easy to work with, but we don't pussy foot around. We're not academics or researchers who like to create a lot of paper. We take a pragmatic, action-oriented approach to our clients - we listen really hard, work diligently to build the relationship, and give meaningful, substantive feedback that has immediate actionable goals.

One of the reasons we feel that clients enjoy working with a small firm like Rheault-Williams is that who you see is who you get—we're the ones right beside you in the trenches, and we're not afraid to get our fingernails dirty.

Although we sign on to help “move the needle”, at the end of the day, we care as much about people as we do about driving results. By helping people and forging strong relationships, we develop a deep sense of trust with our clients that allows them to really open up with us.

It's these relationships, and the success stories they help to create, that make our work rewarding.