Like most abstract concepts, the best way to understand them is to see them in action. The following accounts represent a sample of the challenges we have uncovered, solutions we have collaboratively developed, and the results our clients have achieved as a consequence.

But our words can only go so far. Here is what some of our clients have had to say about their engagements with Rheault-Williams:

"Susie Rheault has an amazing ability to cross cultural divides and get the crux of a challenge, whether the client is in Boston or Addis Ababa. She has worked miracles with our own staff both in the United States and capitals across the globe. But the real surprise has been the way she has connected with both sophisticated Ministry of Health officials in Ethiopia and simple villagers in rural Malawi to help them understand a problem, craft a solution together, and implement an outcome that improves operational effectiveness and, in the end, saves lives of Africans in need. If we had a thousand Susies we could remake the way international development is practiced in Africa—but we are thankful for the opportunity to have her aid in solving unique problems in a unique way, country by country."

Ed Wood
Special Advisor
Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative

"Susie Rheault has been an invaluable consultant and coach for me for over six years. She offers a fantastic combination of practical guidance regarding organizational design, structure and team dynamics. Susie is especially gifted in understanding and facilitating healthy senior teams. Her leadership coaching has been revolutionary for me personally, helping me to become more self-aware, more reflective and clearer about my long term objectives."

Scott Powers
President and CEO
State Street Global Advisors

"I have known and worked with Susie Rheault, for the last 3 years, when she comes to Ethiopia every 3 months to provide her exceedingly valuable consultancy work to improve the efficiency of very important institutions in the health sector of the country, sponsored by CHAI Ethiopia. She provided highly productive work of team building, leadership training and re-organizational and re-structuring work of two big institutions in the country: Ethiopian Health and Nutrition Research Institute (EHNRI) and the HIV/AIDS coordinating office, known as Federal HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Office (FHAPCO). Recently, Susie and her colleagues provided exceedingly important support to speed up the implementation of the rural initiative of CHAI Ethiopia through fast track. Susie is highly professional, competent and hardworking organizational development senior consultant with a lot of patience, amazing capacity of problem analysis and solving. I should admit that I have learned a lot from her style of work through her regular advice given to me whenever she comes to Ethiopia for her consultancy work sponsored by CHAI."

Yigeremu Abebe, MD
Country Director
Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative (CHAI) Ethiopia

"Susie has been a vital coach and thought partner through several major role changes in my career. I have regularly sought her counsel to help me get the most from my team and to think through solutions to complex leadership challenges. She wisely proffers advice and perspective without telling me what to do….the solutions are my own. Her broad exposure to many organizations and leadership styles allows me to troubleshoot a wide range of challenges effectively."

Abbie Celniker Ph D
Taligen Therapeutics

"Susie has led the TBF senior management team through several off-site retreats. Each session was well-organized, productive and tailored to our unique needs. Susie guided the team through a series of exercises that allowed us to identify areas for improvement, strengthen relationships among senior managers, and implement several new programs that improved professional development opportunities available to the Foundation’s staff. Her insightful comments, sound practical advice and effective interpersonal style helped us achieve the results we were looking for."

Paul S. Grogan
President & CEO
The Boston Foundation

"Susie Rheault has been invaluable to me personally in the context of new leadership roles and to my senior organization in the context of organizational development. We have worked together successfully at multiple companies as I have been involved in building both corporate departments and entire companies. I highly recommend her as a system-wide consultant for organizations and executives involved in dynamic growth and change."      

Alan Crane
General Partner
Polaris Ventures

"I have worked with Susie over the last five years in the areas of organizational and personal development. Of particular value to me are Susie's always-constructive feedback and suggestions regarding my evolution as a leader and manager. She is a patient and adept listener, able to dissect complex situations and dynamics, and displays a high level of sensitivity and professionalism; all facilitating a powerful sense of self-discovery and awareness. Her efforts are recognized and appreciated by both me, as well by the broader organization."

John E. Bishop
Senior Vice President
Momenta Pharmaceuticals

"I've know and worked with Susie Rheault for more than 15 years. We met when we were both with Bank Boston. Since that time I've engaged Susie in numerous consulting assignments at Boston Scientific and now with Novartis. Susie is my 'go to' Consultant with complex O.D. projects and was my Lead Consultant on a nationally recognized change process to introduce 'work out' to an International commercial organization at Boston Scientific. Susie is also superb as an Executive Coach. Susie has a vast amount of experience working both inside and outside organizations, her very sophisticated and deep functional expertise is always delivered in a pragmatic way to 'fit' the requirements of the engagement."

Marc Reuss
Global Head Human Resources
Novartis, Vaccines and Diagnostics