A major national health agency in Africa had grown too fast. The Director had 17 direct reports and the organization was often criticized for missing the boat on key public health issues. Rheault-Williams facilitated a major re-structuring of the 450 person organization. The new agency was re-shaped into three focused units and the management team was trimmed to a high performing group of four. Clear charters, goals and accountabilities were crafted in a series of dynamic and participative retreats.

During one such retreat, cell phones kept beeping without let up. People were being admitted to area hospitals with bizarre symptoms. Twenty four hours later they were all dead and no one knew why. One of the newly formed teams swung into action, fanning out across the city to interview everyone who had come into contact with the deceased. With speed worthy of a CSI episode, the culprit was identified within twenty four hours….it was adulterated cooking oil being sold in bulk in the poorest neighborhoods. The distributors were, found, arrested, and stopped. A major public health disaster was averted.