The best led companies and organizations make the development of their leadership, at all levels, a strategic and ongoing imperative. They realize that great leaders aren't born - they're made.

Rheault-Williams has extensive experience helping organizations build the strategies, processes, and tools to develop leadership and management capabilities that are critical to achieving the business plan or organizational imperative.

Our efforts focus on key organizational challenges - not abstract case studies. We use an action learning approach to design experiences that help people learn from internal and external best practices and use this information to focus on real-time current challenges.

We believe that learning has the most impact when it's highly experiential and interactive. We bring the system, or some cross-sectional representation of it, into the room. By doing so, we encourage top-level leaders to listen from those beneath them - learning by teaching others, and fostering an atmosphere of learning by acting as role models. We push strongly for participation and dialog across the organization, understanding that people learn best when they receive feedback from all levels.

Rheault-Williams consults to senior executives, senior human resource executives and people in charge of learning and development to help them make their approaches more robust and more tightly tied to core strategic objectives. Some of the specific implementations have included:

  • Translating organizational strategy into specific leadership capability requirements
  • Assessing existing leadership strengths and weaknesses
  • Developing talent identification and succession planning processes
  • Designing action learning events to solve real-time organization problems
  • Developing accelerated coaching programs for high-potential leaders
  • Conducting 360° assessment programs to help shape learning goals

The strength of developing managers and leaders lies in their subsequent ability to achieve superior results and create a culture of sustainability. We help these groups to learn, and as they do, we drive alignment and create a shared vocabulary. The result is a winning combination, where mangers do things right, and leaders do the right things.