Businesses and organizations around the world are just now discovering what athletes and performing artists have known for decades – coaching can be a powerful tool to help people perform better and achieve their goals.

Rheault-Williams embraces this notion and delivers coaching to client organizations and their high-potential emergent leaders who want to interact more successfully in organizational relationships, achieve better results as managers, and provide greater contributions as leaders to their organizations.

Our process begins with a robust 360° assessment that provides insight into the areas that require change, and help in developing clear goals to address those areas. We then blend our understanding of business and non-profit organizations, leadership, adult development and psychology to help clients see themselves as others do, refine their self-awareness, and develop career strategies that leverage their strengths—enlisting the support of their organization along the way as they expand their leadership abilities.

We have aided leaders to:

  • Acquire new skills for an existing assignment
  • Develop capabilities for a future role
  • Prepare for change initiatives
  • Gain insight into their personal competencies
  • Develop strategies for managing change
  • Increase self-awareness, confidence and commitment
  • Focus on building skills in one or more needed areas

Our work is geared to helping these leaders get better results for their organizations. The outcomes of our work often yield an added benefit—leaders who are more self-aware, more attuned to the people around them, and more fulfilled in their work lives.